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Hobbs & Shaw undoubtedly succeeds in giving you the much anticipated adrenaline rush. The high octane action film stars Dwayne Johnson, Jason Stathom and Vanessa Kirby in the lead. The film is a spin off of the Fast and Furious franchise so it doesn’t waste time reintroducing us to the characters.

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The film’s plot is simple, it is the action that is exceptional. Hobbs and Shaw are commissioned to work together on a mission to retrieve a dangerous virus that has gone in the hands of an MI6 operative who happens to be Shaw’s sister. She is being chased by a genetically engineered super human Brixton played by the charming Idris Elba. Now the two must set aside their differences for the greater good.

The film is filled with humor, Game of Thrones references and appearances by Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds. Though their presence added more fun element to the film, the makers could have capitalized on Kevin’s sense of humor by giving him more screen space. Nevertheless his character was thoroughly enjoyed.

The action sequences have been excellently choreographed and directed. The visual effect and cinematography further amp up the scenes.The film undoubtedly has a massive production value that can be judged by the big scale stunts that have been pulled off in the movie. The stunts are absolutely mind blowing like the car chase sequence where the protagonist and antagonist meet for the first time. The helicopter scene was also massive, but for me nothing can top the motorcycle sliding below the trailer bit.The film is also visually stunning especially the sequences in Samoa are breathtaking.

Having said that the makers have gotten carried away into creating some brain-less action sequences that are a little too far fetched. Like when Hobbs manages to control the chopper with chains just with his own strength, or the fact that the chopper’s crash doesn’t kill anyone. If you don’t dig deeper and take the film as it is, ignoring this , the film is an acceptable action flick that can be a one time watch.

All the actors have given solid performances, Vaneesa was a pleasant addition to the cast and her kick-ass attitude was spot on. The punch lines have the right amount of saas and the best part is the on going banter between Hobbs and Shaw. The background score also gelled well with the theme of the film and made the whole experience entertaining.

The only negative in the film is its duration. The film didn’t have much in terms of narrative, and it was pretty much the characters fighting at different points in time. Some scenes could have been sliced. Like the scene where the duo is tied to a chair could have been made more crisp by not prolonging it much.

All in all Hobbs and Shaw though is very different experience from Fast and Furious saga, it manages to create a niche of its own. The film is a satisfying experience for those who love action genre. This one will most certainly blow you away!


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