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Heer Maan Ja starring Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman and Faizan Sheikh in pivotal roles is a romantic comedy. The film follows Kabeer a successful architect whose misfortune begins with him getting diagnosed with a fatal disease to him meeting his ex Heer who gets him involved in an even bigger mess.

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The film takes off on an entertaining note with decent comedy for the first 40 minutes followed by good comedy bits throughout the film. Heer Maan Ja stays away from toilet humor making it a film to watch with families. Humor is often taken below the belt in Pakistan, considering the treatment of comedy in the country this is actually funny and clean, without any vulgarity and insults. This was a very strong positive of the film that one takes away from the film. The music of the film was groovy and has a repeat value. While Addi Maar is upbeat, Kuch Tu Hua Ha and Chan Mahi will tug a chord in your heart.

As far as acting is concerned Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq gave a decent performance. Given that there was comedy, action and romance in the film Ali Rehman gave did well in terms of his comic timing. However, the film fails to develop the chemistry of the protagonists much.Had they shown how their love story had developed in the past we could have better relate to their heartbreak. Although the film has given very colorful characters in supporting casts, the main characters have been least bit developed. From the trailer it seemed that Heer will be a very interesting character but there wasn’t much to her either.

The antagonist Faizan Sheikh had monotone expressions throughout the film and failed to give out the needed villain vibe. Considering the film was on honor killing we had expected the villain to give out an impactful performance. In supporting cast Mojiz Hassan as Jerry and Shamayel Khattak as Ramsy both have acted well. Both of them provide comic relief in the film.

“I want to Establish Pakistani Film Industry” Hareem Farooq

The film has many cameos and most of them are extremely entertaining. Shaz Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ali Kazmi were given colorful characters. Mikaal was almost unrecognizable in his doctor avatar and did well great in his comic role.  Ali Kazmi’s lisp talking was also interesting and fun. Amina Shiekh was a treat to watch. Her gangster look so glamorous . Her love angle with Jerry was a little unusual but that was the fun of it.The trailer had also shown cameos of Ahmed Ali Akbar and child star Sami Khan, sadly they didn’t make it to the final cut.

Cinematography of the film is just average. The color grading at times was very bright and not suitable according to the mood and situation of the scene. The sets and production value may not be large scale but they serve their purpose well. The interiors of the houses, Kabeer’s office and even Jerry’s room was nicely done.

The problem of the film lies in its execution and story telling. There were no major memorable dialogues in the film. The objective of sending out a message on honor killing seemed lost. The film did not establish the premise well nor was it clear enough. Neither does the film establish the love angle smoothly.For a film that is a romantic comedy, it incorporates too much serious, emotional and intense scenes that are rather overpowering. While there is nothing wrong with adding emotions but the film fails to keep a balance. It has separated comedy and serious sequences completely and there is no interplay to tone it down a notch.

There are moments where you begin to wonder that you came in for comedy yet there is a lot of crying,sadness and emotionally charged content dominating the film. The length of scenes was long making the film seem unnecessarily dragged as well. Better editing could have made the scenes more crisp and the movie more mesmerizing. The action sequences were poorly choreography especially the fight scene toward the end .

Overall Heer Maan Ja is a good effort that is translated into an average movie that could have been made better, had the length of film been chopped and the focus had remained on romance and comedy more. The film has decent comedy which is a rarity in Pakistani films making this a one time watch for sure!

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