It is common perception that the celebrated poet and writer Faiz Ahmed Faiz was involved in the making of only one film, which was Jago Hua Savera. The film was directed by A. J. Kardar in 1959. However, Faiz Ahmed’s involvement in another film, ‘Door hai Sukh ka Gaun’ has recently been brought to attention as its unedited version was found in a British museum in Soho.

Speaking to Entertainment Pakistan, Iftikhar Arif, an Urdu poet, scholar and littérateur from Pakistan, expressed his disappointment over the film not seeing the light of the day in Pakistan and recommended that the unaltered version be transferred back to the country so it can be given a face.

Iftikhar Arif divulged exclusive details about the preview of the film that aired in Britain many decades ago and whose remnants are preserved in his memory. The preview was attended by AJ Kardar, Faiz Ahmed Faiz himself and Humayun Gohar as well.

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Iftikhar Arif further revealed that many are not aware of Faiz Ahmed’s inclination towards films. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was truly a legendary writer. He holds a special place in our hearts and we at Epk, urge the Faiz Foundation and the government to take appropriate measures to bring the film back home where it can be given the due credit it deserves.

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