Pakistan has a rich film heritage. At its pinnacle, the old age cinema was graced with some of the most iconic superstars of all time. Stars who became the craze of the entire nation. One such star was the legendary actress Rani, a headstrong and a beautiful woman who paved the path to her glory with the dint of her hard work. A woman who created her own individualistic style and always stood strong in the face of adversaries.

Rani’s journey was never a bed of roses. She was initially dubbed as some one with bad luck by film makers as she gave a string of flops and forgettable performances at the start of her career. She started her career in 1962 with her first film “Mehmoob” and struggled to make her mark.

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The actress rose to the height of her career much later when she was paired with the romantic hero, Waheed Murad. This pairing was an instant hit and there was no looking back for the queen of the Pakistani cinema. Rani ruled as a leading actress for times to come. Rani’s marriage to Hassan Tariq, an illustrious film director turned Rani’s career around. This talented duo gave several iconic films together such as Anjuman, Tehzeeb, Umrao Jaan Ada, Suraiya Bhopali, Begum Jaan, Behan Bhai, Ik Gunah Aur Sahi and several other hits.

Waheed Murad and Rani

Born on December 8, 1946 in Mzang, Lahore, Rani was named Nasira by her parents. Her father was the driver of writer Agha Hashr Kashmiri and singer Mukhtar Begum. Mukhtar Begum, awestruck with Rani’s beauty asked to raise the girl and gave her a new name.

From Nasira to Rani to superstar Rani. Her journey was truly remarkable. Rani proved to be an excellent performer when it came to dancing. Her performance in Umrao Jaan Ada made waves even across the border. However with all the fame, beauty and success, Rani also had her share of troubles.

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The actress was divorced thrice and she was diagnosed with cancer. She later passed away at the age of 46 due to her illness. Rani can be said to be a feminist as she did several women centric roles. Rani was a courageous woman who made her mark at times when people weren’t that accepting of women in films and of usually those who rebelled. Rani left behind a remarkable array of super hits and her legacy truly remains unmatched.

On Rani’s death anniversary, Epk paid a tribute to the actress by visiting her home and remembering her legacy with her daughter Rabia Hassan.

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