Disney just dropped the full length trailer of live action The Lion King and it is hands down amazing! We were overcome by nostalgia as we are taken back to our childhood .

The trailer starts off with an exchange between Scar and little Simba as he scares him off. As unrealistic as it may be, it would have been great if they had kept the originality of the the classic by giving scar black hair. This Scar does not really look evil. Either way this is something that can be overlooked.

The visuals are absolutely gorgeous! The cinematography, direction and art direction are what take our breath away. The live action version looks so real and convincing.

Mufasa and Simba
Mufasa and Simba

We get to see all the characters from Rafeki to Timoone and Pumba! It looks like they have maintained the original story which is actually good.

The balance of good and evil has been perfectly maintained in this 1 minute 48 seconds clip. On one hand we see Scar deliver powerful dialogues filled with hate and evil.

On the other, Mufasa’s dialogues are so inspiring, as he shares valuable lessons with Simba regarding life and being a King. There are many adorable moments that remind us of the original cartoon and we are all teary. Seeing Musfasa we are reminded that we will have to witness his death once again, which is extremely heartbreaking.

At the same time, the presence of Timoone and Pumba is so exciting . The trailer shows the inclusion of “In the jungle, the mighty jungle” but we are hoping to see “Hakuna matata” . “The circle of life” is also included in the movie as we saw in the teaser. Besides this the background score is so heartening and emotional and you can relate with the story so well because of it.

We witness love, kinship, friendship, beauty, nature and hatred all pieced together so flawlessly in this trailer. Take our word for it, this movie is a must watch!

Check out the trailer below!


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