With the wedding season in full swing, brands often cash in by making advertisements related to the wedding theme!

Coca cola is no stranger to making interesting ads and this time around they got nation’s heart throbs Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir in their new ad!

Both celebs took it their Instagram to make the reveal and the pictures were absolutely adorable that we just had to go and watch the ad.



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Coca-cola Shadi aur HumTum ❤️ #cocacola

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Sajal and Ahad are a fan favorite couple ever since Yakeen ka safar.  After a year long wait, they are back to share the screen in the period drama Aangan. While the drama went on air last week, coca cola released their “coca-cola shadi aur Hum Tum” ad.

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The ad begins with Sajal and Ahad on a coca cola hunt but they fail to get their hands on it. When in despair they suddenly see fireworks nearby, and Sajal suddenly gets an idea to crash the wedding as they will definitely have coca cola there. While Ahad is reluctant to go along with it and fear that they might get recognized, Sajal drags him along and quickly blends in the crowd at the Mehendi.

After the classic Zalima Coca Cola pi la de, Coca Cola has used another old song in their Ad. This time its the evergreen song “tu jo hamesha meray kol rahay” The song blends in very well as a wedding song!


As Sajal is about to grab a coke, the host of the event catches them.

Sajal Aly in coca cola ad


The cringe worthy moment soon gets pleasant as the host welcomes them. They become part of the wedding party and dance along the other guests. Sajal is looking absolutely gorgeous in a rather simple white and red ensemble. The colors are in accordance to coca cola’s logo colors, Ahad is also rocking the kurta patka look!

Over all the ad is entertaining. While the concept of the ad was not out of the box, it is a winner as it is thematically on point!  Also most of the people will watch it for the dynamic duo!

Check out the ad here:


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