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Ready Steady No a Pakistani film comedy film released , starring Amna Ilyas, Faisal Saif, Salman Shahid and Nayyer Ejaz. The film is based on a cliche theme that is in fact becoming more of a norm in films these days. The film is about a runaway bride which we have already seen in Chhalawa and Wrong no 2, however this film manages to stand out and here is why!

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Amna plays Razia and Faisal plays his on screen beau. They both belong to middle class families and want to marry each other.However thy both belong to different casts and their families do not wish to marry them outside cast.This what forces them to run away . The story line is simple and cliched. The hurdles that they face after running away are also cliched however one can tell that Hisham has put in a lot of effort into picking situations that will happen to almost any couple who decide to run away.This makes the story and characters very relatable to the audience.

As far as the acting is concerned , Amna fits in the role perfectly,Faisal is also convincing in his role. This is his debut film as an actor.Nargis Rasheed and Ismaeel Tara play Faisal’s parents. His mother is very controlling where as his father is a coward husband. Salman Shahid plays Razia’s mother.All the three actors have played their part well, their dialogue delivery and comic timings is perfect.

Marhoom Ahmed Bilal whom we know as Billu Butt from Teefa in Trouble plays a struggling advocate fond of telling white lies. He manages to make us laugh throughout the film owing to his innocence and bilingual language.

One of the most interesting character of the film is Munir played by Muneer Ahmed. He is a matric fail detective from whom nothing can remain hidden. His character is the most hilarious character of the film and is a good example of a well written farce. Afzal Zain plays the Qazi and Nayyer Ejaz plays an impostor who poses as a palm reader and sometimes as a Mualana. They have also played their role well. Though their presence in the film is small, their characters add value to the film.

Toward the climax the situation that is created due to mistaken identity and the way the issue is resolved and narrated through puppets is very creative.The film majorly focuses on characters, their behavior according to situation and their conversation. Keeping the comedy genre in mind the writer and director Hisham has done an excellent job with the dialogues. Satire has been very well though out and well knitted in dialogues.Instead of opting for toilet humor he has opted for something fresh and he should be applauded for it.

Film’s editing is average, some scenes did get a little dry which could have been chopped to keep them crisp. As far as cinematography is concerned we do not see any scenic beauty or landscape which are essential for giving the film a cinematic look. The depth that is brought to the scene by creating foreground and middle ground is also missing from the film.

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As far as the music is concerned, Dekho Dekho is a slow and romantic track sung by Hisham himself. It is a beautiful melody, Nachee Jaa sung by Asrar is very catchy upbeat number.Overall the film comes off as a fresh comedy with clean humor suitable for all ages.

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