Simmba crosses 20 crore

Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba has been making waves at the Pakistani box office. The film has entered its 6th week at the box office. The movie has been holding very well.

Simmba released a week after Zero and the audience totally shifted to it. None of the releases that followed Simmba managed to give it tough time. It has been pretty much ruling box office.

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The complete breakdown of the box office collection is:

Week 1: 9 crore

Week 2: 5 crore

Week 3: 2.65 crore

Week 4: 1.7

Week 5: 1.3 crore

6th Weekend (5 days extended): 85 lacs

Total : 20.5 crore

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Simmba has crossed 20 crore  mark  making  this  the  second Ranveer Singh movie  within a year to reach this milestone. The film has now slowed down and upcoming weekend will be seeing multiple releases so the audience will be dispersed.

*Disclaimer: The article contains unofficial and unconfirmed numbers as tracked by Team EPK.


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