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Ranveer Singh has had a great year at the Pakistani box office with his previous two releases namely Simmba and Padmavat. With seven weeks in, Simmba has done wonder at the box office, with not a single other new release giving it a hard time.

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There have been multiple releases before and after its release like Zero, Aquaman, Bumblebee, and more recently Alita Battle Angel. Hopes were high from Zero and later with Alita, however both have under performed in contrast to Simmba. The film remained unstoppable despite the release of films like the South Indian KGF Chapter 1, Imran Hashmi starrer Cheat, and a mega period film Manikarnika.

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In fact every since 2019 has begun, the cinema is going through a dry spell with not a single new film doing any major business at the box office. After having high expectations from Alita there are hopes with another new release. Interestingly enough the new release is also a Ranveer Singh starrer. It is being anticipated that Simmba will see a major fall in box office numbers due to release of Gully Boy.

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Gully Boy isn’t conventional film which takes huge initials but looking at the back to successful movies by Ranveer, it can be expected that the film will have a huge opening. Unlike Simmba which was a full on masala film with all the elements of making it a commercial entertainer, Gully Boy is for niche audience the film will eventually slow down.

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With early reviews coming in the film has received great reviews across the border, it will be interesting to see how this film fares and how well it does at the box office. Is Gully Boy the movie that breaks the dry spell at the box office?

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