Ranjha Ranjha Ker di; a story of a Christian convert to Islam who is fighting for respect.

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“Ranjha Ranjha Ker di!” A beautiful name indeed. When I first heard the name of this drama in a promo, I foresaw a girl who has fallen heads over heels in love with a boy, who may and may not like the girl back. I knew, that this will be a drama, where the girl will love and love unconditionally indeed, but the boy shall only disappoint. She will dream of becoming his Rani. He, in return, will become her undoing and will cause her utmost pain to the point where she will search for her “Ranjha” in every epitome of love.



However, I was curious to find out why this boy will refuse to marry the girl. And so came the first episode of this drama and what a treat it was! From convincing characters to a powerful script, everything was a well thought out piece of art. The drama is based on the Christian community. Noorie does not only belong to a minority but also belongs to the family of garbage collectors more specifically known as “chooray” in our society. Noorie is a downtrodden destitute who is considered despicable and filthy due to her class and creed. I realized then, that Noorie is doomed from the beginning because we as a society have failed our minorities.

The drama has a powerful story line that makes us think about how we treat our Christian brothers and sisters in general. How we use a deplorable term of “Chooray” for them and degrade them. How we claim to be holy and superior on God’s earth. God, who teaches us the message of humility, tolerance and brotherhood. Noorie is a convert. She comes under the guidance of a preacher, Amma Janatay, who teaches her the Quran at an early age. However, it appears, that no one will accept Noorie.

Noorie is an energetic, short tempered, and a rebellious character who has a lot of fight in her. She craves her self-respect. Iqra Aziz has given a soulful performance and has breathe life into the character of Noorie. She brilliantly portrayed the girl’s character by depicting her frustration and giving fitting expressions. Noorie also has a keen interest in acquiring knowledge. The girl is shown collecting books from garbage and is seen claiming that books are not made to be thrown. She has also acquired education till 8th grade from Amma Janatay. In short, she is ready to overthrow the life she has been born into and put in an effort to earn a respectful life.

The drama shows a convincing Christian jhugi and their deprived lifestyle. It takes us on Noorie’s journey from her jughi to the city, with the help of Amma Janatay who gets Noorie employed in a clothing/stitching factory. We see an awestruck Noorie enter into what appears to be a fantasy world for her, which she has never seen before. Once again, it is Iqra Aziz’s performance that convinces us that Noorie has taken one step closer to attaining her dreams and is very eager to do so.


This episode ends where Noorie meets a shopkeeper (Syed Jibran). A witty man who eyes her intently and claims that Noorie is going to be an easy one to beguile. It appears that Noorie has already met her Ranjha, the man, she is likely to fall in love with. Syed Jibran is another very talented actor. Their pair will make a good onscreen couple.

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