Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Written by: Faiza Iftekhar

Directed by: Kashif Nisar

Produced by: Momina Duraid and HBCH Productions

Equal parts gritty, realistic and emotional, not a single episode of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has failed to leave a mark on us. Noori’s clever tactics at using Haji Sahab’s advances on her against him work and all charges of theft are dropped. But getting out of jail is not Noori’s biggest problem; Shoka is all set to marry her the next day. And so Noori makes an attempt at running for it and seeks out Sahir, but she does not find what she is looking for as Sahir’s true nature is revealed. Meanwhile, Bhola too succeeds in escaping but we are not given much clue regarding his future.

While Imran Ashraf’s depiction of Bhola is probably the best acting performance on screen currently, Iqra Aziz’s acting in this particular episode was absolutely brilliant. Her character has always been enjoyable to watch for the simple reason of how bold and unapologetic she is. But in this episode when Sahir literally calls her trash to her face, she is suddenly faced with the realization that Sahir was not the kind of man she believed he had been. Having her financial position thrown in her face and having her worth destroyed results in a turning point for Noori. The rage and confusion within her is wonderfully acted out, and she delivers her dialogues with the perfect style and intonation. Although the situation was deeply tragic, we could not help but root for Noori to come out of her obsession with Sahir and see him for what he really was.

While Noori’s story arch was focused on more than any other character, Shoka also played a huge role in this week’s episode as he does his utter best to entrap Noori into marriage. The villain is portrayed very well by Syed Noor ul Hassan who continues to wow us with the extent of his fiendish behavior. However, as far as antagonists are concerned, this episode showed an increase in numbers of those with questionable morals and values. The most obvious is Sahir, who used to pretend to be accepting but finally reveals his true colors when he accuses Noori of being ‘dirty’. When Noori shoots back that he spent 3 days in the same jail in which she spent one night, he replies that his 3 days were far better than her one night. The hypocrisy of those who consider themselves morally superior by virtue of their financial status is revealed and highly criticized as Sahir is depicted as a coward. Another revelation is Noori’s parents who tell her that she is worthless to them unless she brings in money. The entire speech Noori makes passionately in which she tells them she isn’t something to be bought and sold is extremely emotional and touching.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi continues to make us cry and worry for the fate of the characters, specially Noori and Bhola. Not much has been told about the latter’s fate and we are already excited for next week’s episode!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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