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Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, an exceptional drama, has left the viewer wanting more once again. The characters, script, direction, acting and everything in between makes us believe that this drama was very well thought out.

This serial is so spot on with the presentation of middle class lifestyle in our society. It is shown, time and again that the team has paid careful attention to minute details. Whether it be through Noori’s no-makeup makeup look and her clothes or by showing an actual makaan or simply by how the characters interact with each other. Each setting is so simple and there is no grandeur display which makes the serial so relatable to the masses.


Iqra Aziz as Noori


Each character is complex and convincing and you can’t just side with one. In the scene where Noori promises to do everything that convinces Sahir’s mother to accept her as her daughter in law, you feel so many emotions. You feel confused because of the internal conflict that Sahir faces. He likes to spend time with Noori but also makes it clear that they can’t get married to each other because his parents would never accept her family. On the other hand, you feel horrible when Noori is crying because of the harsh things that Sahir says to her.


Syed Jibran and Iqra Aziz


Bhola’s role is the highlight in each episode. It always leaves you wondering how someone can perform such a difficult role with such conviction and ease. Even when Bhola steals the gold bracelets from his mother you don’t despise him. Mainly because his ulterior motive is so innocent.

Bhola’s reaction to Mumtaz Beghum saying ‘haan main shaadi karungi tumse’ is brilliantly executed. It makes you laugh and feel a gush of sadness at the same time. While he says it in a funny way, you feel upset at how child-like he is and how easily he was fooled by Mumtaz Beghum.

Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf


While Shoka loves the chase after Noori and calls her ‘Tikhi’, Noori has fallen head over heels for Sahir. Although the impact that Sahir has on her is not particularly a good one. While talking to Ama jee, Noori makes her hatred for her family and their lifestyle so evident. This might have developed because of the talk that she had with Sahir. She doesn’t want to be identified with her grounds just because Sahir’s family would not want their daughter in law to be from such a background.

All in all, this emotion packed episode was quite entertaining. The story has got us hooked and its execution makes it a pleasure to watch!


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