Critic Rating

Written by: Faiza Iftekhar

Produced by: Momina Duraid & HBCH Productions

Directed by: Kashif Nisar

This episode was full of melodrama and excitement. Noori (Iqra Aziz) finally realizes that Sahir(Syed Jibran) is in love with her, after he beats up a guy who called her ‘bhikaari’. Noori passionately confesses her love to Sahir, but he seems reluctant to confess. He takes back his words after confessing to her that he does indeed love her.



We see how Shoukat(Kashif mehmood) is in love with Noori but it is more of a toxic love. Shoukat is a notorious character with many controversial stories linked to his name that even babey, (Noori’s mother) asks him that who would give him their daughter. However, he’s stuck on her even after Noori clearly mentions that she’s not interested in him.

Imran Ashraf once again stunned us with his marvelous acting. Bhola(Imran Ashraf) tells Noori about his love interest, Mumtaz Begum. Curious to find out more, Noori goes to the circus to meet her only to find that it’s is a guy pretending to be a half woman and half wolf.



We are introduced to a new character, Bhola’s mother (Asma Abbas). We only saw her for one scene but her spellbinding acting amazed us.



The drama stars very talented actors who are giving us convincing and intriguing performances. The casting of good actors is very important as no one else could have portrayed such a strong story in this manner, with such passion and commitment.The storyline too is very creative and different.

Also, the sets used in the drama are quite realistic and readily hooks the viewer, along with the exceptional acting of the actors which makes one feel like one’s in the drama living with all the characters.

Coming back to the big question, would Sahir reciprocate Noori’s feelings? What do you think? Tell us all about it in the comments!



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