23rd March Saturday 2019: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi VS Cheekh Vs Khudparast

So Khud Parast aired its last episode today and we are genuinely sad to see it go! Compared to other dramas, Khud Parast along with Cheekh and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi were exceptional shows that really showed a different face of the drama industry and introduced actors who are really talented. Whatever drama replaces Khud Parast is definitely going to have to live up to its legacy!

Khud Parast (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

All the different storylines were wrapped up nicely by this last episode. Firstly, Uswa gets a divorce from Adeel who tells her he cannot live with her anymore and kicks her out of the house. Since the only place left for her is to go to her brothers’ home, Uswa goes there but finds out her mother had died already and her brothers also turn her away.

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So Uswa ends up living in a beaten down apartment all alone while sick with AIDS. Hannan and Beenish get married after Hannan realizes she is the only other person who understands him and his situation. Hannan also finds out about Bahtawar’s situation and goes to rescue her, following which Bakhtawar kicks Moiz and his wife out of her house.

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Bakhtawar also apologizes to Beenish for treating her that way and turns a new leaf. The episode ends with a flash forward to four years later where Uswa is dying of AIDS and is unable to find any medical help. She then proceeds to die on the side of a road and even though he doesn’t know its Uswa, Hannan who happens to be passing by pays the ambulance men to give her a proper burial.

Now, overall I thought it was a good ending and did not fall short. However, in some aspects there could have been improvement. Uswa’s fate is so dark it almost feels cruel and an unbalanced revenge for what she did. If she had become a better person and was shown to have improved, the drama would have been far better. Nevertheless, Khud Parast has impressed us one last time and we are really sad to see such excellent combination of talented actors leave!

Cheekh (ARY) Big Bang Entertainment

This particular episode focused solely on Shayan’s struggle to take sides in the family and understand who was right and who wasn’t. After coming back, initially Shayan had been shown to be against Mannat for treating his younger brother this way, but this episode gave a deeper perspective into Shayan’s thoughts.

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Wajih still does his best to destabilize Mannat and make her weak, and Yawar and Haya are completely on his side clearly. However, the two people left in the middle are Shayan and Shehwar, Yawar’s wife. The former of course knows Mannat and what she’s like which is why he finds it so hard to believe that she would be lying about this.

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Shehwar however tries to talk to Yawar but is immediately told to stay out of these matters which makes her even more suspicious. And later on she overhears Mannat and Wajih talking and finds out about what Wajih has done. It will be interesting to see if Shehwar acts upon the news she has received or remains placid as before and covers up Wajih’s crimes. For now it seems Shayan is the only one believing Mannat and even he is not fully taking her side in all this.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (Hum TV) MD Productions

After last week’s shocking episode, this episode was relatively milder which is a good thing since last episode left all of shaken to the core. Noori and Sahir finally confront each other after all these years and Sahir is shocked to see Noori, to say the least.

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It is obvious that Sahir thinks Noori is opportunistically grabbing for the wealth Bhola is to inherit, and Sahir himself is doing the same by marrying Komal. Sahir’s character is really conflicted and confusing here since he does not have one defining emotion for Noori; he’s both shocked, happy and suspicious after meeting Noori and his phone call to her also reveals that he does not trust her one bit.

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His getting closer to Nusrat is going to be consequential later on as well and it seems Sahir might side with Nusrat against Noori. Fehmida gives Noori the house keys as well and Noori lies to Nusrat about Bhola taking his medicine regularly. For now there is a lot of suspicion flying around in the house and tensions are rising. I think it was a good choice on behalf of the makers in making this episode relatively toned down in juxtaposition to last time’s darker one.

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Ranjha Ranjha Kardi of course continues being the fan favorite and the winner as per Epk experts while Cheekh continues to put up a tough competition for it.

However, as this was Khud Parast’s last episode and it did such a good job wrapping up a beloved drama, Khud Parast gets an honorary mention on our decision! It has been a good run for the drama and we’re really sad seeing it leave.

What did you think of these dramas? Let me know in the comments!

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