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Once you sin, your conscience never lets you rest in peace. Hashmat Ali gives us the proof of this in tonight’s episode. After marrying Roshni off with Umar, and exacting his vengeance in the last episode, this week’s episode was an eye-opener for Hashmat Ali’s guilty conscience.

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Under the direction of Siraj ul Haq and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the 6th episode of Ramz e Ishq aired tonight on GEO TV. Although it was a bit slow-paced, tonight’s episode had a little bit of everything from remorse to the toxicity of revenge and the pangs of heartache & lost love.

The stepping stone for this week’s story was already laid in the last episode and we saw a subtle shift in the narrative from revenge to remorse. The episode begins with Hashmat Ali having thinking over his appalling actions. As he is taken to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack, we cannot help but think that bad deeds always bring about bad consequences.

We see two narratives running parallel in tonight’s episode with Hashmat Ali (Abid Ali) being remorseful and Saffiya (Nida Mumtaz) still burning with the hatred for Khadija. Not even slightly ashamed of what she did to Roshni, all she does is reek of evil, revenge, and selfishness.

With a lot of moving scenes in tonight’s episode, Hiba Bukhaari could have done more justice to her character. Although her acting was perfect, sometimes the dialogue delivery and facial expressions seemed a tad bit forced. “Aap mjhe apna khoon maantay hain badday sahib?” was a powerful dialogue whichwas delivered with a face devoid of any expression, be it pain, or skepticism. All other actors did justice to their roles and portrayed their avatars flawlessly.

The best scene of the episode was undoubtedly the confrontation between Roshni and Rayyan, where Rayyan(Mekaal Hassan) holds his kismet responsible for everything & Roshni terms him a coward for not standing up for their love.  A story of unrequited love, the drama doesn’t bore us at all rather we are literally on our toes waiting for the story to unfold. Being a girl who holds family values close, we cannot see a scenario in which Roshni will go against the wishes of her family, even at the cost of her own happiness.

As in the previous episodes, the dialogues captured emotions perfectly. Delivered with crisp perfection, we felt that drama’s writer Misbah Nosheen did absolute justice to the storyline. Be it desire or despair, malice or hopelessness, the script captured them all exquisitely.

With Rayaan back home and Roshni married to Umar, we can see the emotional turmoil awaiting both our protagonists. This week’s episode ends on a heart-wrenching note & we are anxiously awaiting for the next week’s episode. We had high hopes for this serial and so far we haven’t been disappointed. Fingers crossed that a bit of happiness finds its way in the life of Rayaan & Roshni!

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