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Love. Heartbreak. Denial. Revenge.

This episode had it all and a lot more, keeping us on our toes all the time. Last week’s episode ended on a somber note with Roshni (Hiba Bukhaari) bowing her head in front of her grandfather to get her married despite her father’s death.

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Under the direction of Siraj ul Haq, and with a star-studded cast, the 4th episode of Ramz e Ishq aired tonight on GEO TV. The slow-paced episode last week had left us wanting for more. For tonight’s episode Mishbah Nosheen delivered us everything as it was full of thunderbolts and shocks, one after the other.

The episode beings with everyone in the Haveli preparing for Roshni’s upcoming nuptials. As Saffiya (Nida Mumtaz) barely keeps her anger and hatred of Roshni and Khadija covered, we sense something brewing i the back of her mind.We are again reminded of the potent hatred that Hashmat Ali has for his now-dead son when he says that he will avenge what happened to his daughter.

The hatred that Saffiya has for her brother and his family is evident all through the episode. The concept of loyalty and obedience without question was rampant as well. From the servant Umar’s mother believing that keeping her mouth shut is an act of subservience to Khadija bowing down her head in front of her father in law, compliance and amenability is depicted everywhere.

Two narratives flowed side by side in this episode. The lives and emotions of both Roshni and Rania were explored simultaneously. If Roshni was suffering from heartbreak after losing Rayaan (Mekaal Hassan), Rania was in a condition of agony and uncertainty about her future. The emotions were overflowing in every scene, and it was in accordance with the demand of the script and characters.

It becomes clear that Aisha doesn’t want Rania as her daughter in law, but we were shocked to our cores when Aisha slaps Rania in front of the whole baradari. A protective, loving mother and a vengeful human, we can see Saffiya trying to get Roshni married to Umar, a servant. We can do nothing but wonder how this woman keeps the demons in her mind at bay.

The beauty and sleuth with which Hashmat Ali takes his revenge from the daughter of his son are commendable. He stands straight, proud in his own truth as he single-handedly ruins what Wajahat Ali built for his daughter. The cherry on the top, we are given a hint that there is a lot from where this came from.

The episode ends on a truly alarming and sensational note as the future of Roshni, Rayaan and Rania becomes further entangled and we can see no clear outcome for any of them. Though we are rooting for Team Roshni, we know that Saffiya is not going to give up without a fight.

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Let’s hope that next week’s episode brings down our racing heartbeats. What did you think about tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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