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After the cliff-hanger ending of last week’s episode, we were already on edge and wanted to know how the story unfolded. However, tonight’s slow-paced episode put a damper on the happening mood which was previously set. We can definitely sense a change in wind, but that’s all it was for this episode.

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With the star-studded cast on board, we were excited for Ramz e Ishq, but this week’s episode has been somewhat lacking. Directed by Siraj ul Haq, the 3rd episode of Ramz e Ishq aired last night on GEO TV. This episode was a bit slow-paced, but it did lay down the basis for the story to further develop in the upcoming episodes.

The episode begins with Wajahat Ali happily telling his wife that the biggest wish of his life had come true when his father forgave him and accepted him back. Little did he know that his happiness was fleeting as death was lurking around the corner.

The episode revolved around the after-math of his death and how his family is adjusting to life without him. The concept that life was uncertain and happiness a thing of dreams, was rampant in this episode. We can see Hashmat Ali struggling with the loss of his son, & Khadija with the loss of her husband. With Roshni (Hiba Bukhaari) crying while talking to Rayaan’s (Mekaal Hassan) photograph, and Rayaan away in Dubai thinking the love of his life has been lost, we are still hoping that something comes out of this love story.

The dialogues were, once again, outstanding and were realistic & refreshing. Misbah Nosheen has done a good job in keeping the balance and making the dialogues crisp yet heavy with philosophy. We can see Rania (Kiran Haq) keeping the same level of possessive love for Rayaan as she shouts at Roshni for entering his room. Still, the same manipulative, narcissistic person we have all come to loathe, she is not happy with Roshni and Khadija coming to the Haveli and she voices her concerns to her mother as well.

However, this week’s episode was disappointing in different ways. The biggest flaw in this episode was a gap in the portrayal of emotions. The script was on-point and sometimes tended to draw oneself in the depths of thoughts. However, the on-screen depiction & execution of the script was a bit lacking. From the unrealistic depiction of sentiments as Roshni gets the news of her father’s demise to the inconsistencies in the wardrobe of Rania’s mother, played by Nida Mumtaz, (how do shoes change from blue to pink in the same scene), there were minor flaws in the direction of this episode.

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This week’s episode ended on a low-note with Roshni agreeing to get married so soon after her father’s death, provided that it happens with simplicity. We are still waiting on the potential twist which was hinted upon in the last episode and the real reason behind Hashmat Ali’s forgiving his son. Fingers crossed that we see a bit of action next week!

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