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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Although this is what we were expecting from our protagonist Roshni played by Hiba Bukhaari, the turn of events in latest episode of Ramz e Ishq left us disappointed. Leaving the viewers worried and confused, the plot twist we saw wasn’t something that resonated with the serial’s tone set so far.

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Directed by Siraj ul Haq and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, Ramz e Ishq’s 8th episode aired last night. And what an episode it was. From Rayaan’s continuous efforts to win Roshni back and Roshni’s attempt at living the hell her life had become, we are still catching our breath after last night’s happening episode.

The episode begins with Rayaan (Mekaal Hassan) trying to get Hashmat Ali to see his mistakes and Saffiya thwarting his efforts to get through to him. As things develop, Umar gets sent away to the village to handle things, and Rayaan is left alone with Roshni.

The character development of Roshni was a tad bit disappointing & confusing, to say the least. In her confrontation with Saffiya & Rayaan, she stands fast to her role as Wajahat Ali’s sabr karnay wali beti and then she attempts suicide as things get too much to handle. We were definitely not expecting this development in the plot of the story.

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Saffiya (Nida Mumtaz), still filled with hatred & revenge for Roshni, she keeps trying to get her sent away. No matter what kind of a person she is, she genuinely wants to see her daughter happy and is happy to use any means necessary.

Kiran Haq was amazing in her role as Rania. From the territorial lover to the acrimonious and vengeful person we have all come to hate, she plays it all perfectly.Rania goes on a whirlwind ride of emotions tonight. With her getting all excited and happy when Rayaan agrees to go out with her to her getting heartbroken & angry as he leaves her to get Roshni to the hospital, the only way she knows how to get things right is by revenge.

We were impressed by the quality of dialogues in this episode as well. Be it Roshni calling a coward once more, or Rayaan expressing his awe at the way Rania kept herself always happy, the dialogues were able to convey the emotions perfectly realistic & cutting. Misbah Nosheen, the writer of this serial, has definitely done an outstanding job.

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Again, like in the last episode, kudos to the acting skills of Zainab Qayyum (Khadija). Her acting as the worried and caring mother despite her differences with her daughter, brought tears in every viewers’ eyes. All other actors did justice to their roles.

The episode ends with Rani ominously saying that she will get rid of anyone who stands in the path of her love for Rayaan. With Roshni fighting for her life in the hospital, we fail to see a way this could get better for Rayaan and her future together.


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