A man bent on vengeance & retribution knows no bounds and Saffiya has proved this in tonight’s episode of Ramz e Ishq. With the fire of revenge still burning high in her heart after so many years, she finally got the chance to lay her old wounds to rest.

Last week’s episode ended on a sensational note as the future of Roshni, Rayaan and Rania become very unclear. We were hoping to see a way for the protagonists to end up together but all hopes are crushed in tonight’s episode. Directed by Siraj ul Haq, the 5th episode of Ramz e Ishq aired tonight on GEO TV. After the fast-paced episode, we watched last week, this episode was a much-needed breather. Ample time was given to each character and the plot to develop and deepen.

The episode begins with Aqeel (Shabbir Jan) trying to convince Hashmat Ali to marry Roshni and Rayaan. However, Saffiya (Nida Mumtaz) steps in with a double-edged solution to marry Roshni with Umar. Though she presents this idea under the guise of the savior of “khandaani ezzat”, we all know the agenda she is working for.

After Saffiya reminds Roshni of the vow she made with her grandfather, Roshni is honor- bound to marry Umar. Still thinking of her father and his happiness, she utters the most powerful dialogue of the entire episode expressing the love she has for her father. Ever the dutiful daughter, she bows her head in front of Hashmat Ali’s wish. As we still ardently hope for a miracle, the Roshni signs her Nikkah papers as Khadija vehemently opposes this act.

The compliance and amenability depicted in the last episode are nowhere to be seen with Khadija speaking up against her tyrannous father in law and Umar speaking up in front of his mother. When Umar closes the door to Roshni’s room, we think something horrible is going to happen. But the way Umar talks to Roshni (Hiba Bukhaari) about being under no obligation, we catch a glimpse of the honest man he is. Giving her the freedom to get out of this faarzi Shaadi anytime she wants, he tells her that she can do whatever she wills and he won’t interfere since they both know they were forced into this marriage.

With Khadija reminding Saffiya that all that comes around goes around, we see genuine fear in Saffiya’s eyes as she contemplates something bad happening to her daughter.  This was probably the most powerful scene in the episode, with the perfect script and genuine execution. However, intoxicated on the high of revenge, Saffiya tells Khadija that she had simply begotten what she had sown all those years ago. We are all left questioning what did Khadija and Wajahat Ali does which has caused such wrath from Hashmat Ali & Saffiya.

With Rayaan coming back home, and Roshni married to Umar, we can clearly see a storm building up but we have no idea where it leads. Fingers crossed that everything starts working out for our favorite couple!

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