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Suspense. Intrigue. Apprehension. Uncertainty.

After keeping the viewers on edge by painting the whole episode in a coat of perplexity, this week’s episode ended with a cliff hanger. With the star-studded cast on board, we were already excited for Ramz e Ishq and this week’s episode has left us wanting for more.

Directed by Siraj ul Haq and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, Ramz e Ishq got us all hooked after last week’s episode. Albeit a bit slow-paced, but tonight’s episode showed us a little bit of everything from a son’s eagerness to please his father to the toxicity of revenge and unrequited love.

The episode begins with Rayaan trying to go away from his home, which we later find out was to cope up with the fact that the love of his life was getting married to someone else, the mood for intrigue was set. As Roshni tries to convince her mother to let her go to the parlor alone, the suspense heightens as we try to figure out where she was going . This aura of intrigue is maintained throughout the episode.

We are left questioning every move made by each character especially the reason behind Hashmat Ali forgiving his son and asking him to come back to the Haveli with his wife and daughter. As the real reason comes to light at the end of the episode and with the cliff-hanger ending, the air of intrigue and mystery continues till the very last second.

The one thing this episode shined in were the dialogues. The way emotions were depicted in the form of words, realistic yet dreamy, cutting yet true, deserves a standing ovation to the drama’s writer Misbah Nosheen. The dialogues were heavy with sentiments, be they desire, despair, grief, or fervor.

All the actors did justice to their roles and everything, from the dialogue execution to the facial expressions, was on point. The way Roshni (Hiba Bukhaari) portrays the role of a daughter who will do anything to see her father smile, even forgo her own love & happiness, begs her grandfather to forgive her father; to the way Rayaan (Mekaal Hassan) talks to his mother about losing his will to live after suffering the loss of his love, we saw a lot of moving scenes in tonight’s episode.

The kind of possessive love shown by Rania (Kiran Haq) which never ends well for both parties and the way Rania’s mother protects her own daughter’s interests while trying to avenge the wrong done to her in the past, shows us how everyone has the tendency to be evil and good at the same time.

Ramz e Ishq is a family drama of love, tragedy and portrays the complications caused as a result of that. A childhood love story turned into tragedy, with all the hurdles and changes that characters have to face, this is going to be a good serial.

With the episode and it’s ending still cloaked in mystique, we are anxiously waiting for the next episode and how the life of Roshni and her mother are going to change as a result of the happenings in tonight’s episode.

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