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13th March Wednesday 2019 dramas: Kaisa Hai Naseeban VS Qaid VS Tajdeed e wafa

Kaisa Hai Naseeban (ARY) IDream Productions

It seems that Ahmed and his family are finally facing consequences for their actions. With Waheed’s help, Mariam contacts the Pakistani embassy and returns home to her parents only to find Ahmed cowardly hiding with them.

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When she exposes everything to her parents, Mariam’s father implodes and kicks Ahmed out of the house as well as cuts all ties with his sister. Mariam’s parents begin to realize their choices had ruined their daughter’s life, and the weight of this is too much for Mariam’s father and he has a heart attack.

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While in the hospital, the family finds out that Ahmed also had a hand in this when he had hidden the medical reports from the family. With such turn of events, Mariam’s resolve hardens and we loved how strong and brave she has become by virtue of her bad experiences.

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Usually it is easy to show the heroine crying over her fate but Mariam is actually changing herself to adapt to circumstances, and has become our favorite protagonist! This turn of events means uncertain things for Mariam’s future but so far she is facing every challenge bravely and we have become extremely invested in her story!

Qaid (Geo Tv) Showcase Productions

Reham starts to fight back and take a stand for herself this episode of Qaid. An accident happens where Farah burns Reham’s hand deliberately with an iron, and Bari Apa urges Reham to stop letting everyone walk over her like that.

Ashir also loses his patience at Reham and demands to know why nothing gets to her, but when given the choice to kill Reham he does not. Adan’s principal visits Sofia and brings to her Adan’s report card where he had all As. This was due to Reham’s tutoring and Sofia thinks about how Adan was spoiled yet loved by her.

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While no doubt the story of Qaid is very interesting, there really hasn’t been much progression in the story for a lot of episodes and all the characters are at a stand-still with no development at all. The truth about Adan’s death needs to come out already because merely watching Reham suffer is no longer something Qaid can fall back on.

Tajdeed e Wafa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

With Arsal stuck due to Vareesha now, it seems things won’t work out so well between Arsal and Hareem as the former had hoped. But Arsal still manages to sneak away and follow Hareem to Islamabad in another effort to win her back.

While Hareem still maintains a strict composure, she stars to sway her opinion on Arsal. But Vareesha is not going down without a fight! She follows Arsal to Islamabad as well and seemingly will destroy everything between Arsal and Hareem by exposing Arsal to her.

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On another note, Asher notices that his children are starting to forget Neha and their mother is not a huge part of their lives anymore, and this disturbs him since everyone around him has lost hope in Neha’s recovery. With Asher struggling with his internal feelings regarding this tragedy and Arsal stuck between the consequences of his own choices, the main characters of Tajdeed e Wafa have a tough choice to make now! With the plot taking such an interesting turn, this drama has really amplified itself and we are actually enjoying watching it after a long while.

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Kaisa Hai Naseeban wins once more and it’s easy to see why: it never lacks originality or progression in its story. The characters are actually sympathetic to the audience and specially Mariam has become such a strong female character that Kaisa Hai Naseeban is bound to attract attention! Tajdeed e Wafa and Qaid both have compelling stories but they need to show progression.

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