Rakesh Sbharwal, a prominent name of the Indian film industry, is a frequent participant in Shan-e-Pakistan. As Shan-e-Pakistan is nearing, he has recently been in and out of Pakistan. Epk interviewed Rakesh Sbharwal about the opening of 2.0 in India today.

Rajinikanth’s film 2.0 has created tremendous hype in India. The film has been met with utmost enthusiasm, love and devotion by the masses. Rakesh Sbharwal told us that he has been meaning to see Rajinikanth’s films from a long time now. This time, the producer planned to watch the movie with a couple of his friends in Mumbai Aurora theatre matunga. This theatre is one of the oldest cinemas of India situated in a suburb. It is a single screen cinema.

He describes his experience there, as surreal. The film was scheduled to start at 6 am where as people started pouring in at 4 am. The film’s inauguration was met with a proper procession which was truly spellbinding. Devotes of Rajinikanth came to express their love and dedication to the actor. There were celebratory activities build around the actor. There was a 100 foot cut out of Ranjinath there. The celebration also consisted of fireworks.



No one was allowed to enter the hall till the procession finished. It was a mesmerizing sight. Everyone came dressed in costumes. It appeared to be a sight out of a wedding. The procession was full of activity. What was most stunning about this procession was the fact that it was 4 am and yet the audience consisted of families. Most of them were Tamil families. Given the timings, it could be said that they probably had not slept that night.

The procession lasted for one hour. There were 100 drummers who continued drumming. At 6.10 am, the gates were opened. As soon as Rajinikanth appeared on screen, the audience started screaming. They made so much noise that the producer could not hear the film for one hour. After an hour, they realized that the film was in fact in Tamil. As he did not understand that language, he decided to leave.



Therefore, they left for another cinema, which was a multiplex cinema. Rakesh Sbharwal said that he feels Rajinikanth is truly a superstar in India. Everybody absolutely loves him. He believes that it is not only Tamilian families but also others who absolutely adore the actor. He said that the actor has a very big following in Bollywood as well and this clearly shows who the superstar in India, is.


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