Rakesh Sabharwal, a renowned Indian film producer, shared his 2 cents on South Indian film, 2.0 with EPk. 2.0 stars Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson. It has been released in India today. Rakesh Sabharwal gave the following review.


Rakesh Sabharwal


He said that it was correct that the film does have a huge dose of graphics however the graphics were fitting to the demand of the script. The story required the graphics in order to proceed. He believes the storyline was very good. The movie allows even the poorest people of the country to relate with the main issue raised in the film. The message is much fitting to today’s era and it is relatable. It is a movie that addresses the masses, which is what makes it great.

The message beautifully unfolds in the second half of the film and manages to evoke our sentiments. Akshay Kumar’s look and his entry in the film appears phenomenal. Seeing the two big stars on screen together is also an amazing sight. The film may be laden with graphics however it has so much more to offer. It is a sentimental tale. Just as, Rajinikanth managed to pull the right chords in the audience’s hearts in its previous installment, by playing a Robot who can feel, he has done it again.


Akshay Kumar’s look


He said that it is a spectacular film and in one word, he would term it as a “Super hit.”

The film did feel a bit lengthy and the second half seemed slow, however the producer feels it was the requirement of the film. The story needed to be build up gradually in order to be justified.

He further added, that the film has been getting good reviews from all critics in India. All critics have given it 4 to 4.5 stars. He believes that this film will see a spectacular opening and is likely to collect more than 50cr in today’s date.


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