The dynamic maestro of music Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently announced a film. The distinguished musician will be collaborating with an international Music producer, Salman Ahmad. The news appeared in a local Urdu news paper and it read that the film is in works while only the story has been finalized yet.

It is surely heartening to see the highly esteemed icon entering the field of film making. However, what surprised us is how the film has been announced. A man of his caliber, prestige and talent should have invited the whole electronic, print and social media to the announcement of his film.

In today’s digital era, he could have also broken the news on social media. The medium of social media has immense power and is surely a fitting way of promoting one’s project. Rahat Fateh Ali’s announcement on social media would have made it a trending topic instantaneously. In today’s era, the biggest film makers of the world are increasingly relying on the power of social media for marketing their films.

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We are confused as to why such a hugely acclaimed musician chose to break the news in such an unorthodox manner? Rahat Fateh Ali is one of the biggest icons of the subcontinent. After gaining immense recognition in both India and Pakistan, Rahet Fateh Ali’s possible film could have surely acquired more attention.

Rahat Fateh Ali also once announced a musical film in 2017. That news also appeared only in newspapers and we later did not hear anything on that film again. Now this news has emerged which has again been announced the old school way. The news has surely left us with many throbbing questions.

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Rahat Fateh Ali’s announcement makes us wonder, is he under the misconception that social media holds no vital importance? Or perhaps he did this because the film is still in its very initial stage and nothing other than the story has been confirmed yet? The news appears to be an unconfirmed news just like the announcement of his previous film. As Rahat Fateh Ali has not announced the news in the presence of media, this may be why Indian Media has not picked up this news.


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