Affan Waheed and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak starrer Bhool tell a story of loved unfulfilled and betrayal. The drama highlights the results of making rushed decision and forced marriage as well. The story will take the audience through the struggle of Aiman after being left at bay to face the brunt of the society.

First Impression:Bhool A Conventional Engaging Story

The drama is going well in terms of story and pacing. All the actors are doing a great job and the way they have translated emotions on screen is very well. The sound track running in the background amps up the impact of the scenes as well.

The OST has been sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch and written Hassan Abbas Rai . The song is very melodious and the lyrics are very meaningful. The tone of the song is in keeping with the theme of the drama which is why it manages to magnify the impact of the message that the drama is attempting to give.

Bhool Ep 3-4:Aiman Loses It All

The drama has been directed by Mohsin Mirza and written by Ali Moeen. The I Dream Entertainment project stars Saboor Aly, Saba Hameed, Kashif Mehmood and Nadia Afghan as well. Be sure to check it out every Wednesday.


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