Pakistan Television (PTV) was once known for its quality content. At its pinnacle, the channel has graced us with several golden dramas that we still love and cherish. There was a time when PTV was a favorite among the households.

Over the years, the channel’s quality has tarnished due to political intervention and incompetent hiring. While a lot has happened that caused harm to the channel, EPK has uncovered one of the biggest scams taking place in the state-owned organisation.

We have dug up shocking information about people who are currently posted in high positions in PTV. Many have been favored over others unjustifiably and have received promotions which they did not deserve.

Epk has been shown documents which include the details of people who have been promoted in PTV on the basis of seniority only. We hosted retired PTV Engineer Agha Shahid in our studios to find out more.

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We found that over 100 people have been designated to posts which they did not deserve. They are clerks, technicians, gardeners, diesel mechanics, junior typists who have been designated to honorable posts! Most of them possess fake degrees.

They are blatantly and shamelessly being granted privileges for favoring the political agendas of some parties.

The whistle was blown by Retired Engineer Agha Shahid who used to previously work in PTV. He is also the chairman of retired PTV employees association.

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The man has been trying to blow the whistle on PTV’s malpractices and yet it falls on deaf ears. He has written several letters to the previous governments but to no avail. Agha Shahid is once again raising his voice and hoping that this time around, Prime Minister Imran Khan will take notice.

While talking about the new government, Agha Shahid said that he hopes for change. Although PTV’s management has been changed however the problem still persists as incompetent people continue to sit in honorable positions in PTV.

As Prime Minsiter Imran Khan promises to eradicate corruption and talks of ‘Naya Pakistan’, we have high hopes from our new Prime Minister. We hope Imran Khan will hold those who are guilty accountable for the harm they have caused to PTV. We request him to take notice of Agha Shahid’s statements.

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Agha Shahid has claimed that he is accountable for everything he has said and he stands by it.We request the government to hold proper inquiry and uncover the truth.

Epk will be covering all sides of the story and will continue to probe into the matter till the truth is uncovered.

Watch Retired Engineer Agha Shahid expose PTV!


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