Project Ghazi was initially scheduled to be released on  14th July ,2017. But a day before the release on premier event it was postponed due to some technical complications, particularly sound design issues during the post-production phase. It looks like the team behind the film realized this and within two hours, took to social media to announce the postponement of the film.

The Post claimed that, “Films of this magnitude require extensive technical work and hence to do justice to this film genre, we have decided to delay the release from July 14, 2017.”

The good news for the eagerly awaiting audience is that the film is going to release in November, probably in second or third week of the month according to the distributors of the movie i.e. IMGC. The exact date is yet to be confirmed. The trailer of the movie will be out this month.

The filmmakers detected the issues and movie was dubbed once again to eliminate all the flaws. It’s on the final stages of post-production at the moment and will be on screens in November.


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  1. Aizaz September 14, 2018

    Please also make a list of top 10 actors and actresses of Pakistan according to their film box office numbers