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Pakistani cinema has been making strides and it is no wonder with every new offering, our confidence in Lollywood increases.

Project Ghazi is a Sci-fi action film starring Humayun Saeed, Sheharyar Munawar, Syra Shahroz, Talat Hussain and Adnan Jaffer. This bit of information alone seems reason enough to check out the film.

Weekend Forecast: Face Off Between Project Ghazi and SherDil

The film starts off well however soon we realize that it is merely a concept in the head of the maker that didn’t undergo any proper thought process required to make a screenplay.

Sheharyar Munawar & Syra Shahroz in Project Ghazi

Epk Boxoffice Predictions of Project Ghazi

There is no build up,intrigue or element of surprise in the film.Even the star power of a stellar ensemble can’t save the sinking ship that is Project Ghazi. Having a big star cast often pulls in a huge opening for the film however this hasn’t been the case for Project Ghazi.

Project Ghazi Day One Business

The under rated promotions can be the reason for that, however it all boils down to the narrative which is unfortunately missing from the 90 minute charade.

The film makes good use of gadgets, high end gear and classy costumes but fails to present the audience with a story they could enjoy.

Sheharyar Munawar in Project Ghazi

Project Ghazi Saturday Business

Adnan Jaffer is an excellent choice to play the antagonist, however he has not been given any substantial dialogues. There are no layers to his character either,and all we see is a psychopath who can control minds. He is not shown planning anything to build up the hype of what is about to go down.

Team Project Ghazi Sets An Example For Industry

Both Humayun Saeed and Sheharyar Munawar are the knights in shinning armor. But again they aren’t given much to work with. They all look the part but aren’t sure what to do with it. We cannot determine which one of them is the protagonist, neither do we get to see the full extent of their supposed superpowers. There are no particular details as to how they got these powers.

Syra’s presence in the film is extremely pleasant and probably the best character that one enjoys watching.

Syra Shahroz in Project Ghazi

Project Ghazi Trailer Reaction & Review

There are obvious issues of sound and dubbing even now. There is no music in the movie which makes sense keeping the genre of the film in mind. However an impactful background score could have been nice.

The direction is done by Nadir Shah and is not impressive either. Some of the scene are incoherent just like the film’s plot and one fails to enjoy the movie at all. The action sequences are not power packed and the director has failed to give us well executed action sequences.

Will Project Ghazi’s Debacle Have An Affect on Humayun Saeed’s Stardom?

Project Ghazi Poster

Trailer Out: Project Ghazi, a promising endeavor

The end of the film is also disappointing as the antagonist is killed off by a container and not by either of the heroes. This makes their existence in the film pointless.The makers have missed the point of a super hero film completely.

The film had all the elements that are required to make a decent film but no solid plot. Even if some work had gone into the current screenplay the outcome could have been better. Right now it is nothing but a terrible waste of talent of some of our industry’s finest.

Humayun Saeed : King Of Boxoffice For A Reason

The movie makes you wonder what was the main idea behind the movie, and what were the makers trying to achieve?

All in all, Project Ghazi is like the cool kid who didn’t do his homework. It is nothing but a hollow shell being paraded as a illusion of a film.

Watch what our film critic Rabia Hasan has to say about the film below:


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