Epk tracks the popularity of every drama airing daily and tells its readers which is the most popular drama among all the dramas airing daily. Below is the list of all the dramas being aired tonight.

Listen To The OST Of Ehd e Wafa.

BewafaARY8pmAli Rehman Khan, Ushna Shah, Naveen Waqar
Ramz e IshqGeo8pmMikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari
DaasiHum8pmAdeel Hussain, Mawra Hocane
Naqab ZanHum8pmSaboor Aly, Ali Asghar
Dil e GumshudaGeo9pmHina Altaf, Agha Ali, Amar Khan
Rishtay Biktay HainARY9pmZubab Rana, Ali Abbas
Rani NokraniExpress8pmKinza Hashmi, Imran Ashraf

EPK Picks

Dil e Gumshuda

Here is Why…….

Hina Altaf, Agha Ali and Amar Khan starrer Dil e Gumshuda is the popular choice tonight. All the serials playing on Monday are very low at the Epk popularity charts as none of the drama playing on Monday features in even top 10 popular dramas of the week. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain starrer Daasi had some popularity in the beginning but the serial has fallen badly at the popularity charts. Dil e Gumshuda leads popularity wise on Monday beating serials like Daasi, Ramz e Ishq and Bewafa.

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