We are going to recommend the popular drama that you should watch to cap your Wednesday nights. Tonight out of the four dramas airing on major networks there is one that stands out on popularity charts.Read on to find out why!

Ehd E Wafa & Alpha,Bravo, Charlie: What is the Connection?

BhoolARY8pmAffan Waheed, Saboor Aly, Saheefa Jabbar
KhasHum8pmAli Rehman Khan, Sanam Baloch
Meray MohsinGeo8pmRabab Hashim, Junaid Khan
Aik aur Sitam Aplus8pmMaria Wasti, Alyy Khan
Bharosa Pyar TeraGeo9pmAdeel Chaudhary, Komal Aziz Khan
Malal e YaarHum 9pmAzekah Daniel, Mira Zain Baig


Bharosa Pyar Tera

Here is why………

Adeel Chaudhary starrer Bharosa Pyar Tera is the most popular drama among all dramas airing tonight. Its very rare that a 9pm slot drama is the most popular drama of the day but Bharosa pyar Tera is pulling it off on multiple days. Among other dramas, Sanam Baloch starrer Khaas has seen a very good pick in popularity recently whereas Affand Waheed starrer Bhool sees a little dip in the popularity.

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