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Pinky Memsaab has failed to deliver. The movie that was thought to be of substance came out as hollow. As the trailer was released, we all thought we were in for some quality entertainment. The trailer promised us a powerful narrative. The trailer depicted the journey of two women who would discover themselves through the various ups and downs of life.



The movie in actual, had weak content. While the movie looks great and had a cinematic appeal, the buildup of the story turned out to be disappointing. The movie has been very well directed by Shazia Malik. In addition the actresses not only looked good, they also acted very well. The movie looked classy and had excellent acting especially by Hajra Yamin as Pinky and Sunny Hinduja as Santosh. Kiran Malik as Mehr has performed very well too. The scenes depicted the glamorous lifestyle of Dubai and effectively conveyed that all that glitters may not be gold.



However, the abrupt buildup of the story was a huge disappointment. At one point, the movie tells us to get off our high horse and face life as it is and at the other, it made Pinky’s journey seem easy. Pinky’s character quickly becomes empowered after losing her job at Mehr’s house. She is shown jumping from one job to another but is that even realistic for a girl who just hopped off a plane from a village and came to Dubai? She is portrayed as very naive and yet she quickly grooms and finds jobs.

While, they have tried to portray that life is indeed difficult through Hajra Khan’s character, who is forced into performing for men as a mean for living but we were still not convinced. Hajra Khan’s part was not developed enough to convince us.



The background score and the songs of the film were soothing and fitting. They were subtle and suited the film well. The harmonious music made the film dreamy and pleasant. So that was a one of the good points of the film.

In addition, every scene started promisingly, but they failed to leave an impact because there was no reasoning or justification for most of the scenes. The movie appeared to be an accumulation of various ideas or concepts that were powerful however, the script did not do justice to them. The script is seemingly trying to tackle the issues of depression, neglected relationships, self-discovery, fading love in a marriage, the impact of parental fights on a child and much more, but it fails to do it effectively.

We also fail to understand the transition that we see in Mehr’s character in the later half of the film. She realizes that she was wrong to treat Pinky, the way she treated her, but her remorse was not properly built up. It was abrupt and unjustified. The end seems the most absurd. While the guilt stricken Mehr, is searching for Pinky, Pinky chooses to not meet her. Again they have implied that Mehr’s behavior puts Pinky off, but it was not backed up with enough incidents.

The way the end glorified Pinky lacked reasoning because we did not get to see what makes Pinky so great? All in all, the movie is hollow.

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