Pakistan’s film industry is growing and it is heart warming to see more new comers taking the leap and entering the industry. Shazia Ali Khan is such an example of an independent film maker who is all geared up to release her first film this weekend. The film is none other than Pinky Memsaab.

While the film is said be to made on a low budget the trailer didn’t disappoint. It seems to have a different yet relatable story of self-discovery and the fact that appearances can be deceptive. The movie seems to be taking us beyond the glitz and glam to highlight the bittersweet reality of life, that no matter where you come from we all have our own ordeals to deal with in life.

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Shot partially in Pakistan and mostly in Dubai, the filmmakers are looking forward to the turn out. We got in touch with the director herself and asked her how the public’s reaction has been so far.

“Our expectations are high as the campaign that we ran on social media has gotten a positive response. Keeping that in mind, I’m hoping that the film will also do well and audience will like it.”


“It is a small film with a big heart, we had limited resources”. She mentioned that they had limited budget so they couldn’t invest much on PR and promotions however whatever was possible they managed to do that much.

“Keeping the budget in mind, every department be it cinematography, production design or acting, gave their best and put our best possible foot forward, now it is up to the audience to decide. We have done promotion by taking support of others without spending money, many have helped us out. there comes a point where all your resources have depleted then you hope for some God sent help. We pray that we get that help and audience likes this film”

The film definitely seems to have a thought-provoking narrative and hopefully will stand out. The film is releasing on 7th December and advance bookings are open. We wish them all the best and lets see what the maid and the memsaab duo has to offer.



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