An exciting new Pakistani movie is being released on 7th December and its trailer looks great. The storyline is different and catchy. Pinky Memsaab is based on the appearance of two women’s lives. The two are from extremely opposite ends of the spectrum. One of whom is a simple house cleaning lady while the other is the Memsaab. However, the trailer seems to be telling us that all that glitters is not gold!

The movie is based in Dubai, and tells us a tale which is close to reality. We talked to the foreign filmmaker of this film, Shazia Khan and asked her about how her experience has been with making an independent film?


See the movie’s official trailer here:


She told us that it is very difficult to make an independent film especially in terms of capital. She also commented on the fact that there is a misconception that audience only likes content that allows them escape from reality, they only like films with high end scenic locations. So the hardest part for her was to convince people otherwise.



We also talked to Hajra Yamin who has played the protagonist Pinky.  She told us that, Pinky is someone who has a mind of her own and wants to achieve great things in life. “She is a dreamer and she is very passionate about all of that especially about her family.”

The story takes Pinky from Suburbs of Pakistan to the high life of Dubai. It will show us her journey and how she navigates through cultural shock and her new lifestyle under the wing of her employer Mehr.



When asked about the character Mehr, played by Kiran Malik, she didn’t say much. What she did say was that her character is the depiction of the fact that you should never judge a book by its cover. If a person looks a certain way, acts a certain way it does not automatically translate into the fact that all is good.

The movie also stars an Indian actor Sunny Hinduja as Santosh. Hajra had a really good experience working with him and also stated that sharing the screen with him has been a great learning experience for her.

The movie sure looks like a breath of fresh air!


Watch our exclusive interview with Shazia Khan and Hajra Yamin here:


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