The guitarist of the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, George Roger Waters read out the English translation of ‘Sab Yaad Rakkha Jayega’, a poem by a young poet and Jamia Millia Islamia student Aamir Aziz residing in India.

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Roger recited the poem at an event while protesting in London, where he called out Narendra Modi’s ‘fascist, racist citizenship law’ and praised the young student by referring to his bright future.

The young student’s poem has become the anthem for political protest across India against the Citizenship Amendment Law that is leading to mass protest and violence in the capital, Delhi.

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More than 200 people have been injured during four days of violence in Muslim-populated areas of Northeast Delhi.

The poem was cheered on by audience and received a positive response.

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George Roger Waters is a British musician who was for a long period the bass player, primary songwriter and one of the primary vocalists for the band, Pink Floyd. He has many acclaimed hits to his name.

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