Celebrated designer, Maria B has landed in controversy. The fashion mogul and her husband sent away their cook who tested positive for corona-virus regardless of how much of a threat, the cook namely Umar Farooq was to the rest of the society. Umar Farooq changed two buses and reached his village, putting several at the risk of the virus.

Maria B’s husband Tahir Saeed who was arrested by the police late at night, has now been freed. Maria B and her husband clarified their side of the story however, people are not willing to forgive the designer for endangering the whole society and the village where no one can even afford a test.

Maria B and her husband claimed that they were unaware about whom to inform after their cook tested positive and thought it was best to let him go to his family where his family members will take care of him!

People have been furious at Maria B! They believe elites should be brought to justice the same way the rest of the people are!

People are calling them out and refusing to believe that such educated and well-connected people wouldn’t know whom to inform about corona virus!

Interestingly, they are also calling out celebrities to speak up against the designer! Someone compared the whole scenario with Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s controversy and said that if celebrities can condemn the writer for merely sharing an opinion, they can also condemn Maria B!

People are also furious that her husband was released at all!

Gradually calls for boycotting Maria B were made.


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