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PM Imran Khan’s remarkable and exemplary decision to return captured IAF pilot has won many hearts! The historical announcement has garnered love worldwide. Wing Commander Abhinanadan will be released as a gesture of peace.

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Pakistani celebrities have been seeking peace from the very beginning too. Everyone has been singing parsing for PM Imran Khan after his announcement. We are indeed very happy that Wing Commander will be going back to his family.

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PM Imran Khan’s announcement has met with a mixed response in India. While some remain cynical, some have seen the good in the decision and have been won over by Imran Khan’s peace loving gesture.

As love has started to spread and Ali Zafar shared a post commending Imran Khan, one Indian replied to Ali Zafar and cordially invited the Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar over to dinner.

Singer and actor Ali Zafar was quick to exchange love as he responded back and sent him an invitation to Pakistan too!

This not only proves that the heartthrob Ali Zafar has a huge fan following in India but also marks an historical moment, when peace and love took over the region because PM Imran Khan made a peace gesture!


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