As always this Pakistan Day we got to see some amazing content for the day! We were also given some amazing patriotic songs by our refined singers of the industry. Lets have a look at the amazing melodies released!

Sahir Ali Bagga

Pakistan Zindabad, released by ISPR is a zealous song that will satisfy the patriot in you. The song has been trending on number 1 on YouTube and it is the ultimate national song you are looking for!

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Atif Aslam

Our Aadat singer did not hold back on this occasion and went ahead to pay tribute to our beloved Shaheen! His song Shaheen e Pakistan is a heartwarming melody which will give you goosebumps. The song comes as a tribute to the martyrs of our armed forces. The video includes amazing dog chase and air combat scenes that makes the song all the more mesmerizing!

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Ali Zafar

The former PSL title song singer is no stranger to giving high spirited songs. His national song this year Jaan De Deen Ge, speaks of peace, love and harmony. The message of peace and prosperity is the highlight of the song! Unlike the previous two song, the music video includes a variety of people. We see sports, colors and army all in one video.

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The over all vibe of the song is very positive and patriotic. The song ends with a quote by him that says “the only thing worth fighting for is peace” and we couldn’t agree more!

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