Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali starrer Parey Hut Love has closed its opening week at the overseas markets at pretty good note. The film had seen a pre Eid release in Overseas markets last week which resulted in a slow start. But Parey Hut Love picked up momentum post Sunday due to Eid.

Parey Hut Love 4 Days Boxoffice Collections Rwp/Isl: Massive

As per estimates, Parey Hut Love has raked in around PKR 48 million from major Overseas markets i.e. UK, North America, Middle East and Australia. Parey Hut Love has performed best in UK and North America with former contributing little over 20 million and later adding little under 20 million.

Below is the estimated breakdown of major overseas markets in the opening week of Parey Hut Love.

UK.. 20.7 million
North America.. 19.5 million
UAE.. 7 million
Australia.. 0.8 million
Total.. 48 million

Parey Hut Love also saw release in other European markets but the numbers are not reported yet. If included, the week one gross goes over PKR 50 million.

Parey Hut Love Eid Weekend Boxoffice Collections Pakistan: Thumping


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