They seem to have a 500 days of summers thing going, where the boy falls in love but the girl doesn’t.

Asim Raza’s upcoming Eid film Parey Hut Love released its trailer last night. The film stars Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munwar, Ahmed Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas. The film also has cameos by various artists including the gorgeous Mahira Khan, the evergreen Meera and the handsome Fawad Khan.

My Parey Hut Love Cameo Will Be Remembered For Next 50 Years- Meera

The 2 minutes 51 seconds trailer is slightly longer than usual, but it is a visual treat. The trailer gives off major Sanjay Leela Bansali vibes, the scale,the costumes, production value and sets of the film reflect that the makers have been very generous and ensured the film spares no expense. Every actor looks absolutely gorgeous and glamorous.

Besides the sets, the shots captured are also aesthetically beautiful. The starting few seconds of the trailer capture our interest. The color grading, sound and visuals all combine to pull us in. The film has been shot at various locations and the cinematography is definitely impressive. Asim Raza has created something beautiful, his films always stand out in terms of film making and we are certain of a good cinematic experience with this one as well.

The trailer has a series of disjointed scenes which tease the plot but don’t quite reveal what the movie is really about. Marriage,love and a struggling career seem to be the highlight of the movie. Sheheryar is the hero of the film and the trailer established it very well. He is the ultimate romantic hero and makes us root for him.

The leading lady Maya Ali, has without doubt proven herself as a versatile actor and she impresses us in the trailer as well. Maya and Sheheyar share good chemistry on screen yet their characters seem to have conflicting feelings for each other. They seem to have a 500 days of summers thing going where the boy falls in love but the girl doesn’t. Instead she has a fiance!

Paray Hut Love is not a remake says Sheheryar Munawar

Other than Fawad and Mahira, , Rachel Vicajji ,Sonya Jahan and Meera will also be making an appearance. Among the cameo appearances, Mahira of course catches our eye as she looks like royalty in her red attire. Fawad’s dialogue is also a crowd pleaser.

“Kamiyabi ka asool ha logon ko mazay karao, Jeena mat sikhao”

Zara Noor Abbas has proven that she is made for silver screen with her impressive debut in Chhalawa. We look forward to seeing her in Parey Hut Love as well. She and Ahmed Ali Butt seem to make a fun duo that will add humor and fun moments in the film.

Asim Raza’s films have great music we got a glimpse of it in the trailer and we look forward to the songs. The films looks like a romantic family film that will be a major plus for cine goers.

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The trailer can be summarized as colorful, happening, aesthetically beautiful and glamorous affair of the year. This movie is certainly one to look forward to this Eid!

Check out the trailer here:


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