Paray Hut Love is oozing with anticipation and hype. The movie is big budgeted and laden with several superstars of our industry. The latest news which surfaced regarding this film, was Mahira Khan’s replacement. As the director confirmed that Maya Ali is indeed the new lead actress. However, Mahira Khan is still a part of this film and plays a brief but a very special role. The romantic comedy is being helmed by Asim Raza and produced by Sheheryar Munawar



In addition, Meera and Fawad Khan will also be making a cameo in this film. Gulf news reported that Meera will be playing herself in the film while Fawad Khan will have the shortest role in the movie. The role is said to be shorter than any of his previous cameos.

Mahira Khan’s role is said to be based entirely in Turkey and whats more is that her cameo includes a song sequence. The director and the team are gearing up for making this the grandest song of the film.

Gulf news also reported that PHL is loosely inspired from the 1994’s Bristish comedy, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, claiming that Sheheryar Munawar plays Hugh Grant’s character Charles, Maya Ali is playing feisty Carrie, whereas Mahira would be the lovelorn Fiona.

Epk took Shehreyar Munawar’s comment on this. Shehreyar told us otherwise. He clarified that the film is a homage to the classic romantic comedies like four weddings, when harry met sally etc etc. He further added that the story lines are completely different. 



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The film has been penned by  Imran Aslam and it is based on a tale of finding love and going through the hardships that come with it. The film also stars Zara Noor Abbas, Zoe Viccaji, and Ahmad Ali Butt.

With such a cast, catchy storyline and great looks, the film has people immensely awaiting its release!

Paray hut Love will be seeing release in 2019, while the date has not yet been confirmed.



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