Adnan Sami

Pakistan Navy recently detected an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistani waters. The submarine was successfully prevented from entering Pakistan and is being monitored.

In a comical turn of events, following the rise of the Major Adnan Sami Joke, twitteratis have been at it again! It seems the major Adnan Sami joke is not going to end very soon.

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It has been suggested that Major Adnan Sami alerted the Pakistani Navy on time and foiled the attempt.

Pakistanis have been thanking Major Adnan Sami for his efficiency. Mubasher Lucman commended his timely move!

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The Mojar alerted Pakistan in the most artsy and talented way!

He then did some more shady messages.

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Later he messaged directly.

People also shared how Adnan Sami has been training since childhood for his well deserved post.

Thankyou Adnan Sami!


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