The trend of making web series in Pakistan is on the rise. The industry is seeing a sudden influx of many emerging web series. The creative intelligentsia are now embracing the digital world and are all set to explore its potential. Among them is the very diverse Shamoon Abbasi whose web series namely Mind Games will be releasing on Netflix.

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Mind Games appears to be a crime thriller based on money laundering done via supermodels in the local entertainment industry. The highly intriguing plot-line is said to be partially based on true events.

Cast of Mind Games

The project features Shamoon Abbasi, Emmad Irfani, Kinza Razzak and Sana Fakhar. In a conversation with Shamoon Abbasi, we interviewed him regrading the highly exciting web series.

How has your experience been working on the web series?

“My experiences are based on the fact that if the director is passionate he can make a lot of difference on the set which turns any project into a memorable experience!”

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We also probed him to tell us about his costars.

“So far I shot a couple of scenes with Emmad Erfani and I can say he has potential to be appreciated on the screen as an actor. Kanza Razzaq meanwhile is the sort of educated and intelligent girls we need in the industry, she is hard working and gentle on the sets.

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So what is your opinion regarding the sudden rise of web series in Pakistan?

“Web is the future now, anything on the web has a potential to become global. I am the first one to start the trend in Pakistan back in 2017 with action web series #6DAPAK . One of the short film MEY RAHUNGI won 4 awards in Virginia USA, in the CFF.

Are there any similarities between Scared Games and Mind Games?

“Mind Games is nothing like Sacred Games. It has its own pace and story.”

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The web series is said to have bold content. Do you think such bold content will find acceptance in Pakistan?

“Well when it comes to web content, censorship work differently, plus this bold content is not just made for Pakistan, it is an international project with a touch of reality in language and its screen play.”


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