As tensions increase between India and Pakistan, Pakistani celebrities have extended the hand of friendship. Pakistani celebrities have created a remarkable example of choosing love over hate as everyone has stood in solidarity seeking peace among the two countries.

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Pakistani PM Imran Khan has announced that we will be releasing IAF captured pilot as a gesture of peace which is an exemplary and noble act.

On the other hand, Indian celebrities have shocked their international fans by fanning hatred and encouraging war. Some of the most recognized and acclaimed actors of India have supported India’s violation.

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Salman Khan has long been loved in Pakistan, while his films have been hugely cherished here. His films have managed a remarkable business in Pakistan. In fact Pakistan has been Salman Khan’s best overseas market.

While art and cinema transcends all boundaries, Indian celebrities choose to support war.

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On 26th Februrary, Salman Khan showed his all out support for the Indian Air Force, commending them for breaching Pakistan’s air space.

Salman Khan was immediately criticized by Twitteratis for being biased. The actor runs a worldwide campaign titled, “Being Human”. Anyone who claims to be a humanitarian can not possibly support war. Salman Khan has endorsed war and certainty lost a huge fan base overseas.

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People called him out for his hypocrisy and said this was a highly shameful act.

Some even tweeted using the hashtag #BoycottSalman.

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Few fans pointed out that the star has double standards.

However, Salman Khan has remained quite and chose not to comment on the situation in the last couple of days. He has already announced that his production Notebook won’t be releasing in Pakistan. But he has not said anything about Bharat yet.

On the other hand Pakistan Exhibitor Association has put temporary ban on Indian films in Pakistan. And it will be interesting to see if Bharat makes it to the cinemas in Pakistan or not.

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Salman Khan’s films hold huge boxoffice records in Pakistan however, given how matters have unfolded and how disappointed Salman Khan’s Pakistani fans are, it looks like Salman Khan’s upcoming films will struggle at Pakistani boxoffice provided they get a release in Pakistan.

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