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Following Pulwama Incident, tensions have been increasing between India and Pakistan. India has intruded Pakistan’s line of control twice now while fanning the debate upon the possibility of War between the countries.

Pakistan has been preaching truce and peace from the very beginning. PM Imran Khan reasoned that both the countries are nuclear powers therefore we can not afford a miscalculation. The PM asked for a truce and encouraged dialogue once again.

Pakistan has also proved that it is a peace loving nation by saving IAF pilot from a mob and hosting him in Pakistan. In addition, prominent Pakistani celebrities have been raising their voice for peace among the neighboring countries through out. Except for a few male celebrities, Pakistan’s entertainment industry stands for peace!

Pakistani artists took to twitter to express their concerns. Fahad Mustafa wrote that War does not determine who is right..only who is left. Say no to war. The Jawani Phir Nai Ani star has been preaching peace and hightailed the gruesome reality of war.

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Mahira Khan is also encouraging peace as she tweeted that there is nothing more uglier and ignorant than cheering for War. May sense prevail. Pakistan Zindabad. 

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Mawra Hocane wrote a detailed tweet preaching peace. She said she is praying for peace always!

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Janaan star and humanitarian Armeena Khan has been actively tweeting for peace. She shared her two cents pointing out that Artists are supposed to be sane, pacifying voices.

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She also wrote, “I’ve seen what war can do. Trust me, you will not want it once you see just how BLOODY and scary it can be. Nobody wins a war, humanity loses.”

Singer Hadiqa Kiani also emphasized on the fact that Real Human lives are involved in War. We need peace.

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt also said that no civilized country would want war!

Following the speech of Pakistan’s Army, Urwa Hocane has also preached the message of Peace! Commending the Army for being sensible, given that both the countries have nuclear power. She wrote, “So proud of Pakistan Army for still sending a message of Peace. That is the true strength of Pakistan, I am a Pakistani and we don’t want war!”

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Superstar Humayun Saeed also tweeted. The actor said that peace is the only way forward.

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Parchi actress Hareem Farooq too stands for peace. She wrote, “War is no victory for anyone – end of the day only human lives are lost no matter which side you belong to ‼️”

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Praising PM Imran Khan’s speech, Teefa in Trouble star Maya Ali supports the message of peace!

Actress Humaima Mailk also shared her two cents on. She wrote, “War isn’t the solution of the problem. In past both of the nations have shed enough blood to know its true colour. Stop romanticizing war, it will only bring destruction. May peace prevails”

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