Complimented by the melodious vocals of Nabeel Shaukat Ali , the Ost of Affan Waheed and Hira Mani starrer Ghalati is a mellow, sad and a beautiful song. While hinting at the story-line of the drama, the composition of the song sets the mood of each scene. The sentimental lyrics and the composition surly tugs at our heartstrings. Ghalati’s Ost has been composed by Naveed Nashad while the lyrics are by Imran Raza.

It is a song about love and heartbreak. The chorus line “Bus Ghalalti Meri, Tu Yara” evokes various sentiments among the listeners. Hira Mani and Affan Waheed once again share a great onscreen chemistry. Their emotional portrayal of the two lovers who will tragically separate is convincing and dramatic.

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Credit also goes to the director Saba Hameed and Dop of the video Zaib Rao who have romanticized the video through the effective use of lighting and shadows. The timing and positioning of the flashback scenes also fits in well.

The first episode of Ghalati aired yesterday and it has generally received a good response. The Do Bol famed couple is geared up towards winning hearts once more.

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Listen To The OST Here:

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