Oscars 2019

According to Variety, sources at the Academy have informed that the show must go on even without a host!

Oscars without host? Now that will be something interesting to see! The award ceremony is scheduled for February 26, live from Dolby Theater. The event is just six weeks away, however they have been unable to lock in a host .While the Golden Globes went on without a any hiccups, Oscars have been caught up in problems ever since the whole Kevin Hart episode went down.

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Hours after Kevin Hart was locked in some old Tweets from the artist resurfaced. He had made homophobic comments and jokes, that sparked anger. Hart apologized and stepped down from the position.

Ellen Degeneres tried to convince him to take back the job at her show. He took the opportunity to explain his side of the story and apologized for something he said a decade ago. According to sources, Oscars committee was not even looking for him to come back although Ellen implied they did. So her lobbying efforts were useless as Kevin didn’t change his mind either.

The latest update is that Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is not even looking for a new host. While the new format has not been revealed but the plan is to make use of A-list celebs to introduce various segments. They will be emphasizing on music performances and cashing in on talents like Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar who are also nominated this year.

A hostless ceremony would be one of a kind, especially in the 30 years history of Oscars. This change in format would either be a total disaster or actually turn out to be a fruitful innovation. One thing is for sure that this year’s controversy has certainly initiated continuous conversation and sparked curiosity even in those who have previously been disinterested in the event. The show’s rating can be expected to go up this year!


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