As we approach the end of the year lets look back at the on-screen couples that ruled TV screens this year.

Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed 

First up the most loved Ramadan transmission drama became a big hit. The adorable couple of Iqra Aziz (as Jiya) and Farhan Saeed (as Arsal) managed to display amazing on-screen chemistry in Suno Chanda. The two mischievous best friends were adorable throughout the drama as they quarreled and fell in love!

It was the romantic comedy touch that viewers enjoyed the most. The drama got such good feedback that the network has announced a second season of the drama. Fans are waiting anxiously. Let hope it is just as good!


Arsal and Jiya


Sana Javed and Feroze Khan

Sana Javed and Feroze Khan won over fans with Khanni and are now back at it with Romeo weds Heer. Khanni highlighted a very grave issue that powerful people tend to get away with crimes like murder by adopting shady practices. It was a sentimental story that gripped the audience till the very end. The drama ends on a good note as Mir Hadi seeks redemption and Khani moves on with her life. Even though the couple never unites, people still loved their chemistry in Khaani and hence the couple became the most favorite of 2018.

Romeo weds Heer is a comedy serial on the other and has light content. The famous duo’s serial is one of the highest rating dramas at the moment.


Romeo and Heer


Neelum Muneer and Yasir Nawaz

While this pair has a one sided love story in Dil Moom ka diya, fans really liked this unconventional pairing. Fans kept rooting for two to work it out. We were torn by Afzal dialogues in the end where he stares at their wedding picture and shows remorse  “Ulfat yeh kiya kr diya” While Ultaf’s notorious character was also appreciated for being bold and straightforward, Afzal stood out for being a kindhearted man who later forgives Ulfat.


Ulfat and Afzal


Kinza Hashmi and Faizan Khawaja

Ishq Tamasha had the adorable Kinza Hashmi (Rushna) opposite Faizan Khawaja (Arham). People absolutely loved this couple. Arham and Rushna became the talk of the town. Even though, their characters only romance on phone calls and never really unite, they still engraved a special place in people’s heart.

Fans loved the pairing and now the duo is back with another drama on Hum Tv, Tu ishq ha.


Arham and Rushna


Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

And finally  we saved the last slot for the ultimate cuties!  The darlings Sajal and Ahad. The pair had our hearts with their appearance last year in Yakeen ka safar. The duo was an immediate hit with this drama.  Fans are now extremely ecstatic to see them share the screen again in the most anticipated serial of the year “Aangan”.


Jameel and Chammi


Let’s see what they bring to the table as Jameel and Chammi. The serial was supposed to started on 13th December but was delayed till next week. It is the most talked about drama and like many we want it start already!



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