Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood aptly recreates the mystique and aura of the golden era of 1960’s Hollywood. The film’s trailer does not give away much. It solely tries to capture our interest through a romanticized depiction of the glitz and glamour of 1960’s Hollywood and through the film’s brilliant stellar cast.

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The film appears to be crafted so well that it manages to mesmerize us. The trailer entices us with 60’s fashion, settings and lifestyle. It gives us a feel of that 60’s counterculture in full swing. The trailer teases us with the film’s highly engrossing cinematography and Quentin Tarantino’s visionary direction. The old fashioned director Tarantino is back to his roots for this one. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set in Los Angeles as opposed to the Western settings shown in his last two features, “Django Unchained” and “The Hateful Eight”. 

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, a western television series actor in decline alongside Brad Pitt as his stunt double and Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. Robbie looks stunning and strikingly similar to the real life Sharon Tate while Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt has breath life into their characters.

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It is a lighthearted trailer and we get a hint of Rick Dalton’s many shades. The hugely talented DiCaprio is back on the big screens after four years since his Oscar winning performance in “The Revanant”.

The actor has given brilliant expressions and his performance surely stands out in the trailer. Leaonardo Dipacprio and Brad Pitt are sharing the screen for the first time and their chemistry is amazing. Brad Pitt as leo’s double appears amusing and charming. While, their country side accent is highly convincing.

We also get to see Mike Moh as Bruce Lee who looks exactly like him. Al Pacino is another Hollywood Icon who comes across as extremely charming and his dialogue delivery is perfect. The background score is upbeat and compliments the trailer. Overall the trailer is brilliant and has us eagerly awaiting the film!

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