Leonardo DiCaprio is easily one of the biggest superstars in Hollywood. Actor has always managed to give content rich films which have not only gotten boxoffice acclaim but they have always been well received by critics. Leonardo DiCaprio was last seen in The Revenant way back in 2015. He has returned four years later with much anticipated 9th film of Quentin Tarantino i.e. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

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Leonardo DiCaprio has shared screen with Brad Pitt for the very first time with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The film opened in North America on 26th July and it has taken a very good start at North America’s boxoffice. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has raked in $ 41.08m in its opening weekend from North America.

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Leonardo DiCaprio who is 26 films old after the release of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has given many major blockbusters. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ranks at third number for star in terms of opening weekends at North America’s boxoffice. His biggest opener till date is Inception followed by The Great Gatsby.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood manages to open better than his Academy Award Winner performing film The Revenant. The start is also better than Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. Below are top 5 opening Weekends of Leonardo DiCaprio starrers in North America.

Inception (2010).. $ 62.7m
The Great Gatsby (2013).. $ 50.08m
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019).. $ 41.08m
Shutter Island (2010).. $ 41.06m
The Revenant (2015).. $ 39.8m

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is set to hit screens across Pakistan on 16th August.


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