It has been a week since the trailer of the much anticipated movie of 2019 The legend of Maula Jatt  was released. The movie has been struck with controversy and legal battle ever since its inception. While that matter is yet to be settled between the producer of original Maula Jatt and makers of a completely different movie i.e. The legend of Maula Jatt, public and industry both have nothing but praises for the upcoming film.

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The trailer shook the audience and it seems like the movie will be setting new benchmarks, not to mention it could reopen doors for the long lost Punjabi cinema. The trailer alone has set the bar high for all the upcoming films. While many renowned personalities from both sides of the border have been all praises for the movie we decided to get a hold of someone linked to the original Maula Jatt and hear out their views on the trailer.

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We reached out to Mr Mustafa Qureshi, who played Noori Natt in the original Maula Jatt.

Sharing his sentiments on the matter he mentioned that while it has been 40 years since Maula Jatt was released, it feels like the film is brand new and releasing now. He credited the success of his own film for the production of The legend of Maula Jatt!

Mustafa Qureshi as Noori Natt


He acknowledged that the film by Bilal Lashari is made on a rather big budget and scale than the original. After watching the trailer he felt like the events taking place during the movie are inspired by the Roman Empire.He also praised the actors in the film and the movie on the whole as well. He was all praises for Hamza Ali Abbasi who is now playing Noori Natt in Ammara Hikmat’s movie.


Hmaza Ali Abbasi as Noori Natt

There are speculation that this film will do the highest box-office business, and estimates are rounding up to 100 crore. We asked him his expectations in terms of the business that the movie will rake.

“It is my wish that instead of 100 crores it manages to make 200 crores”

With this response we were left in awe! While wishing the film well he also shared that he feels very proud of this upcoming project as it a Pakistani movie. It is essential that members of the fraternity learn from his example and appreciate efforts of fellow industry members.

The film does look very promising and like Mr Mustafa Qureshi we wish Bilal Lashari and Ammara Hikmat all the best!

Watch the interview here:

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